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Year 5\6 students had plenty of ideas and enthusiasm for creating their own apps and worked very hard during the term to produce an amazing range of usable apps. To do this we used the tool Google Slides which gave us the ability to make the apps interactive. We hope you enjoy trying some of our apps.  We’d love to read your comments and feedback.

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Sphero STEM Challenge

Voyage of The First Fleet 

(Powered by Robots)

Learning about History with Robots? Combining our Past with our Future?

Last term, in their STEM Inquiry about the First Fleet, Year 4 students learnt about the historical significance of the voyage, investigated the Geography of the continents and mapping the world, designed, built and tested a sailing ship prototype and re-enacted their chosen ship’s journey to Australia using a robot to control and power it to its destination. (Digital Technologies)
The great benefit of the STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Maths) approach to learning gives students the opportunity to collaborate and work on a variety of challenging problems and projects.

Sphero STEM Challenge

We have been working on some Sphero Challenges in ICT. In this challenge we had to put Sphero to work.
Design and make a vehicle for your Sphero to drive (push or pull) around your space.

What factors affected the way your vehicle worked?

Did you have to make adjustments? If so, what did you have to do to make it work better?

How can you make your vehicle turn on various angles?
Add some spoken commentary to your code.

Dancing Bee-Bot Movies

 Dancing Bee-Bots 

Year 5/6 students designed their own costumes and designed the code to synchronise dances for their Bee-Bots to perform.

After putting their dance to music and  videoing the performance, they created their movies and shared them with the class.

Here are a few samples for you to watch.

By Josh, Lachie & Sam W

By Ollie K, Eliza H, Georgia C, George L

By Mekah, Hudson, Louis & Amelia

By Millie E, Ali Z, Lous L, Will M

Mr Soldani Learns to code a Bee-Bot

When our principal, Mr Soldani visited the ICT room this week, he was very keen to join in the Winter Olympic events with the students. After learning to use a Bee-Bot he practised his coding skills on the Cross Country Skiing event and was very happy to see his Bee-Bot make it to the Finish Line.

Well done Mr Soldani!

Our ‘Secret Garden’ Art Show

Our Art Show was a great success. Each class chose an art activity to add to our Secret Garden and it was displayed in our multi purpose room. What an amazing job everyone did and how beautiful it looked! We also had some great food stalls to enjoy – Yum! As well, the children all joined together to sing a song and perform an Indonesian Dance. Well done to everyone – it was a fantastic night for our community!

Introducing Bee-Bots (1)

We made great use of our Bee-Bot loan from CSER Adelaide by introducing them to all of our students in the school during their Digital Technologies session this week. It was amazing to see the different ways that students interacted with them at each age level and how many of the children applied their knowledge of coding to create and solve problems, whilst the Preps discovered a whole lot of new thinking skills.

Session 1: What Did We Learn?
Working collaboratively with a partner, learning directions, angles, counting, estimating distance, problem solving, programming, debugging, creating a sequence of commands, safety and respect for equipment, use of space, learning to help each other, taking turns . . . .  A very exciting week!