Every Picture tells a Story

In ICT this term, a number of classes have been learning about the many functions of  and how to use these functions to help them produce work confidently in their classrooms.

At first we focused on changing font styles, colours, size, layout and adding special effects etc to create written pieces.

Here are several ways  LUCY in 3KH learned to write her name.

Then we progressed to creatively producing some great art work by inserting, manipulating and integrating shapes, photos, clipart etc. into their work. Of course with each grade level, we added more complex skills to their understanding.

by Lucinda 1YE 

by Lachlan 1MC

by Thomas R 2 KT 

by Ethan 2LO 

by Stella 3JS 

by Bonnie 3KH 

by Connor 4MA 

by Belle 4MM

You can see a slideshow of each grade’s completed pictures on their class page at the top of this blog or click on the links below.

Grade 1MC   Grade 1YE   Grade 2KT   Grade 2LO   Grade 3JS   Grade 3KH   Grade 4MA   Grade 4MM

A Pep Talk

Is YOUR class working as a team?

Are YOU being the best you can possibly be?

Due to popular request from the children, here is the video

‘A PEP TALK’ which we watched in ICT class recently.

The message is . . . .

We are all on the same team.
We were made to be awesome.
So get out there and create something to make the world awesome!

Here are some other words which mean ‘AWESOME’.

How can you be awesome today?

What did you learn today?

 Does this ever happen at your house?

The children laughed when Father Dillon asked them if this was what happened at their house after a day at school.

Of course it had happened to them!

So in ICT we talked about the many new skills we have been learning already this year that often slip by without recognition. 

We have come up with a simple PLAN.

1. Recognise that ‘Aha’ moment (when you realise you understand something or learn a new skill.)

2. Pause and celebrate by thinking to yourself “Well done me! I just learned to . . . . . . “


It’s amazing how many learning ‘moments’ there are in a day when you pause to acknowledge them.

Think Outside the Box

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

When the children walked into the ICT room this year, this is what they saw on the wall . . .

(‘Think Outside the Box’ is sometimes referred to as ‘Think Outside the Square’.)

A number of children asked what it meant, while others thought a little about it and offered their ideas to the class.

Here are some of the suggestions they gave.

Ollie (4MM) –  To look in lots of places for ideas.

Alex (4MA) –  I think it means to be creative and try all kinds of different ways and discover new things.

Indi (4MA)  –  To create an original design.

Meg (4MM)To use your imagination.

During ICT at St Roberts  students are encouraged to challenge themselves in their learning by looking further than just the obvious ways and to try thinking beyond them. This encourages the students to try new and creative ideas.
You might like to try the Nine Dot Puzzle below. Remember . . . you’ll need to think a little differently!

Click here for the answer

How did you go?

Do you know any other puzzles which make you think outside the box?