You are Wanted!

Did you know . . . ?

The WANTED POSTER dates back to the days of the Old West in the United States when the law was trying to catch bank robbers or cattle rustlers.

Usually a Wanted poster was used to warn the public that the law was after a certain person who has committed a crime, such as this Ned Kelly poster.

Information contained on a wanted poster may include a photograph or drawing of the person and the crime for which the person is wanted. Sometimes a reward is offered for their capture. 

*        *        *        * 

Since we have only GREAT students at our school, we decided to create WANTED POSTERS with a difference.

 At St Robert’s School, we want to reward students for all the wonderful qualities they possess.

What are YOU wanted for ? – your kindness, your sense of humour, your great basketball skills, your love of pets, your good manners, or for just being happy .   .   .   .

We created Wanted Posters for ourselves listing the qualities we thought we demonstrated.

Here are a few examples.

                 Tom R Grade 2KT  and William 2LO


                               Jude 3JS and Lucy 3KH


                                Alex 4MA and Millie 4MM


Making our poster on the computer taught us lots of skills. You can see the skills we learned for each class level at the beginning of each class flip book.

There are more completed examples of our WANTED POSTERS on the Blog page for each class. Just follow the links below.

Grade 2KT   Grade 2LO   Grade 3JS    Grade 3KH   Grade 4 MA   Grade 4MM

Lunchtime ICT

This is lunchtime in the ICT room. We’ve been trialling opening the ICT room for half of lunchtime on Wednesdays and Thursdays and this is what happened!

Students could come and go as they pleased and many chose to take the opportunity to add a little extra to their ongoing work or get a little bit of personal assistance.




Year 4 students completing their Persuasive text for their animated movie.














Year 5 students working on avatars for their Wikis.

Keep on Trying

In a recent post we talked about how mistakes can help you learn.

This post is dedicated to anyone who is struggling to learn something and finding it a bit hard to get there.

Sometimes when we learn, we are successful and we feel great! 🙂

Sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of practice to learn something and you might feel like giving up. (Do you remember how long it took you to learn to tie your shoe laces?)    🙁

BUT when we are feeling like it’s all getting a bit too hard, that’s when we need PERSEVERANCE to keep on trying until we find a solution to the problem.

Watch how Ormie the pig never gives up .   .   .  

 but tries and tries LOTS of ideas to reach the cookie jar on top of the fridge.

So go ahead . . . . give it a go!

If things don’t work out for you straight away, try looking for other solutions to help you achieve your goals

.  .  .  just like Ormie the Pig!

 Have YOU ever had an ‘Ormie’ experience?

Leave a comment to tell us about it.

Want to watch it on your own device? Just scan the Ormie QR code on the fridge. 

‘Happy Mother’s Day’ from Foundation CC and JP

Here are our pictures we made in ICT for our mums.

We typed our sentences by ourselves then printed our pictures and coloured them in.

We hope you like them.

(Hint: The movie will play better if you allow it to play through once first)

By Foundation CC

By Foundation JP

You can also view these slideshows on the Classes Page link  Foundation CC and Foundation JP



Have you ever made a mistake?

Of course you have! Everyone makes mistakes. (even mums and dads and teachers)

How did you feel  .   .    .    frustrated, annoyed, confused, sad, embarrassed?

Don’t feel that way. It’s quite normal to make mistakes even though we try not to.

Mistakes can be GOOD!

Yes. Really!

Making a mistake enables you to look for a correct way to do something .   .   .   so you try another way, ask for some help or look for a solution.

This is called LEARNING                  

And  .   .   .    is !

Have you ever made a mistake which helped you learn something?