Keep on Trying

In a recent post we talked about how mistakes can help you learn.

This post is dedicated to anyone who is struggling to learn something and finding it a bit hard to get there.

Sometimes when we learn, we are successful and we feel great! 🙂

Sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of practice to learn something and you might feel like giving up. (Do you remember how long it took you to learn to tie your shoe laces?)    🙁

BUT when we are feeling like it’s all getting a bit too hard, that’s when we need PERSEVERANCE to keep on trying until we find a solution to the problem.

Watch how Ormie the pig never gives up .   .   .  

 but tries and tries LOTS of ideas to reach the cookie jar on top of the fridge.

So go ahead . . . . give it a go!

If things don’t work out for you straight away, try looking for other solutions to help you achieve your goals

.  .  .  just like Ormie the Pig!

 Have YOU ever had an ‘Ormie’ experience?

Leave a comment to tell us about it.

Want to watch it on your own device? Just scan the Ormie QR code on the fridge. 

23 thoughts on “Keep on Trying

  1. Grade 1MC LOVED Ormie!! We all laughed lots and lots!! What a great way to end our day! We are always going to keep on trying to achieve our goals. 🙂

    • Hello Miss Claire and Grade 1 MC,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the movie about Ormie. He is my very favourite movie star because he tries just SO hard! I’ve watched the movie so many times, but I STILL laugh every time I see it. Be like Ormie – keep on trying!
      Mrs N

  2. That was a great post Mrs N and it has a good message by saying to never give up no matter what. I’m loving your new blog, and nice video.

    • Hi Madie,
      Great to see you following our new blog and that you like it. Thank you for your comment. I remember that you were a great commenter on my last blog. Hope to hear from you again soon. Mrs N

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