Lunchtime ICT

This is lunchtime in the ICT room. We’ve been trialling opening the ICT room for half of lunchtime on Wednesdays and Thursdays and this is what happened!

Students could come and go as they pleased and many chose to take the opportunity to add a little extra to their ongoing work or get a little bit of personal assistance.




Year 4 students completing their Persuasive text for their animated movie.














Year 5 students working on avatars for their Wikis.

22 thoughts on “Lunchtime ICT

  1. Love what you are doing with the kids Mrs N. We are lucky to have you. So nice of you to give up your time so that the children can work in the Lab at lunchtime. I hope you know you are much appreciated.

  2. Hi mrs N I love the blog.
    I wonder if Ormie will get out of the jar and have his meal.
    And if you dont get to the top of the ladder on the
    penguin game keep trying.
    I loved the task on the blog where we wrote a comment.
    You’re the best ict teacher ever.I think we are lucky that we have you.

    • Hi Sophie,
      You comment is excellent. Thanks for your encouragement. I will keep trying (just like Ormie) on the Penguin game. I think the penguin would like to improve his score. And I’m pretty sure Ormie will figure out how to get the jar off his head and eat the cookies.

  3. Dear Mrs N I think everyone likes the blog and its the best thing I have ever seen I think that you should never take down the blog because it is the best and I definitely say that you are a great teacher and that you should never stop being a ict teacher because you’re the best and it is great that to have you as a ict teacher I think that you have done a great job at the blog and with the games and the videos.

    • Hi Mia,
      Good question! The voices are made by the computer. You just type what you want to say and the computer says the words.

  4. Oscar says that all the things on the blog are very good. I love your teaching Mrs.N It’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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