Let Us Persuade You

We have been writing Persuasive Texts with partners.

We also created great animated movies from our texts using GoAnimate

 We used an organiser to plan our arguments first.

Below is the plan we followed.

It was fun choosing our theme and our characters. We also chose computer generated voices for the characters. We had to be careful to check our spelling and punctuation so that the characters would pronounce the words correctly.

Here are 2 examples of our movies.

We should keep wild animals as pets  by Isobel and Scarlett (Grade 4MA)



Food is better than drink  by Archie L and Seamus              (Grade 3KH)


 You can see all of our movies if you follow these links to our pages.

Grade 4MM          Grade 4MA         Grade 3KH          Grade 3JS

1,000+ Visitors

Today we are celebrating passing the 1,000th number of visitors to our blog. It’s a small but exciting milestone after 3 months of blogging.

The children at St Roberts are always keen to check out our Visitors’ Map and Flag Counter to see where our visitors are from. Each time a new flag appears there is great excitement to discover which country it belongs to. We are learning the names and locations of  lots of countries on our world map. So far people from 14 different countries have visited our blog.

Which countries can you recognise on the map?

Here is our flag Counter so far.

Which flags can you recognise? Have you been to any of these countries?