Storybird is a literacy tool which enables children to write art-inspired stories.

Recently in ICT Grade 2 children have been developing their storytelling skills by using Storybird.

The children love writing stories but they don’t just have to write them in ICT. They can write them in their classroom, at home or anywhere they can use the internet.

Parents can access the stories with their child’s easy password and can also view the library of published Grade 2 completed stories.

Sansa (Grade 2LO) has been very busy writing stories at home and at school. Here is one of her stories.

Parents, if you want to read your child’s stories please ask them for their password.

QR Codes

 What is a QR Code?

 QR Code stands for QUICK RESPONSE Code. It is a type of two-dimensional barcode  that links directly to text, websites, phone numbers and more!  It can be read by using a QR scanner smartphone app.

Grade 5 and 6 students have been learning to make and use QR codes in ICT.

Here are some of the things we have been doing with them so far.

Get your QR code scanner ready and you can scan the codes as you advance each slide.

(We use the free QR Code scanner i-nigma)

What ideas do YOU have for using QR Codes?

Why is it so?

Why did 23 scientists

come to the ICT room on

the last day of term?

White coats, strange hair, oversized glasses  . . . what were they thinking?

It took a while, but eventually we discovered that it was really the students of  5DB, who together with 5PB and their teachers, had just held a Science Expo where they demonstrated their Science Inquiries about ‘Light’ to their families.

Grade 5 teachers look the part

Family members enjoy the Expo

A very intelligent scientist works on their ICT task. Do you know who it is?

Congratulations on a great Science Expo 5DB and 5PB!

Thanks for staying in character for ICT.

It was lots of fun! (although it was a bit hard to tell who I was talking to at times)