What do Aliens eat?

After reading a story about Aliens, Foundation children used the website below to create their own aliens.

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Then they wondered, What do Aliens eat?

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Watch our movies to see what the children thought Aliens might like to eat.

By Foundation CC (see also on Foundation CC Page)


By Foundation JP (see also on Foundation JP Page)

What do YOU think Aliens like to eat?

Leave a comment and tell us your ideas.

Read Across the Universe

To celebrate Children’s Book Week, Sophia (Grade 2KT), invites you to Read Across the Universe with her story

‘I am Going to the Moon’.

Sophia has written about a small bunny who dreams of going to the moon.

(Click on the book to turn the pages)

Click HERE to open a larger sized book.

To read more stories during Book Week, the Grade 2 children have published lots of great books to read on their class pages.

Click on the links.     Grade 2KT      Grade 2LO