This term the Grade 5 and 6 students have begun exploring the use of animation. For our first activity we tried ABCya!Animate

This site is great for learning the basics of animation and you can produce a short animation of up to 100 frames very quickly. You can select people, objects and backgrounds to use or you can draw your own.

Here is an example created by Chloe (Grade 5) for you to view. 

What important skill/s did you learn about animation?

What advice would you give to someone using ABCya!Animate for the first time?

Show Off Day


Be proud to show off your learning! 

Grade One children celebrated learning how to make great Powerpoint Presentations by ‘showing off’ the skills they had learned to their classmates.

The focus of ‘Show Off’ day is to simply celebrate and share the skills you have learned to do well.


  1. Be proud of your work.
  2. Explain one or two things you have learned to do very well.
  3. Ignore any mistakes or incomplete work. (these are things you are still learning)
  4. Audience can give positive or encouraging comments only.

Many children dressed in costume to present their slides on ‘Life in the Olden Days’.

Here are some proud learners sharing their ideas! 

Tell us what you have been proud of learning.

Are you safe on the internet?

Today we welcomed Greg from  who spoke to the year 6 students, the staff and the parents about being safe on the internet.

Did you know . . .

  • that Instagram is more popular than Facebook with primary school students? (despite the age requirement being 13+)
  • that most children have never set their privacy settings to private? (this means that the photos they post can be displayed on Google images)
  • that approximately 40% of our year 6 children have been asked for personal details by someone online they do not know?
  • that the 3 most common passwords are – password, 123456 and 12345678? Using a weak password can increase the chances of being hacked and your personal details stolen.
  • that bystanders are very important in tackling cyberbullying because when they intervene or report it, bullying is more likely to stop?
  • that the photos you post online to friends you know can be screen-captured, saved and sent on to people you don’t know.
How Cybersmart are you?


Try the Cybersafety Kids Quiz here


The internet is a great place!
Let’s get ‘cyber smart’ and enjoy all the great things on it safely.