Are you safe on the internet?

Today we welcomed Greg from  who spoke to the year 6 students, the staff and the parents about being safe on the internet.

Did you know . . .

  • that Instagram is more popular than Facebook with primary school students? (despite the age requirement being 13+)
  • that most children have never set their privacy settings to private? (this means that the photos they post can be displayed on Google images)
  • that approximately 40% of our year 6 children have been asked for personal details by someone online they do not know?
  • that the 3 most common passwords are – password, 123456 and 12345678? Using a weak password can increase the chances of being hacked and your personal details stolen.
  • that bystanders are very important in tackling cyberbullying because when they intervene or report it, bullying is more likely to stop?
  • that the photos you post online to friends you know can be screen-captured, saved and sent on to people you don’t know.
How Cybersmart are you?


Try the Cybersafety Kids Quiz here


The internet is a great place!
Let’s get ‘cyber smart’ and enjoy all the great things on it safely.

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  1. I am very happy about the blog. You have done a fantastic job. I have been on it at home and I like the games, so thankyou for being the best, fantastic and wonderful ICT TEACHER IN THE WORLD!!!!!!

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