Just Joking!

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This week our Year 2 students have been discovering how to add a bit more fun to their jokes.

After deciding on their joke, the children added them to speech bubbles on a PowerPoint.

Finally they selected a suitable animation from Heather’s Animations to add to their slide.

Coming soon . . .  more animated jokes on these links . . .

Grade 2 KT                              Grade 2 LO

Can you make your Pictures POP?

Are your pictures


How can you make your presentations

more exciting? 

You don’t need expensive photo editing software. 


We’ve been experimenting with 

Picture Tools in Microsoft Word Word 

 to come up with some very creative ideas.

Our Teacher’s Aide Phil, even got into the act and surprised herself at what she could create.


Stay tuned for some great ideas when the students display their imaginative work on the blog soon.

How to Fly

Use your imagination

Explore your dreams

In ICT we constantly strive

to Imagine,

to Create,

                                          to Try things differently

and to


What do YOU think the message of this movie is?