No Bullying Here!


We have been learning how to recognise bullying and how to stand up to bullies.

The 3 types of BULLYING we talked about were:




We brainstormed our ideas about what we knew about BULLYING and created word clouds called Wordles and Tagxedos.

Here is a sample by Grade 3JS.

To see work by the following classes click on the links below.

Grade 3KH   Grade 3JS   Grade 4MM   Grade 4MA

Email Etiquette and Safety

emailSending and receiving emails can be a quick and easy way to communicate.

Even people who live in countries thousands of kilometres away can receive your message in seconds.

However there are some guidelines we should follow – both for being polite and for keeping ourselves safe online.

Here are some ways to stay safe and be polite when emailing.  Posters are by Grade 3 and 4 students. 

See ALL the posters on the following links. Look for the EMAIL slideshows.

Grade 3JS    Grade 3KH    Grade 4MA    Grade 4MM