Practise and Play . . .


puppet pals

PRACTISE and PLAY . . . 

 . . . that’s what we do whenever we try a new iPad app for the first time. First we play with the app’s features and discover how everything works. Then we practise our skills. Finally we all come together to demonstrate and share what we have learned.

Here are some Grade 1 children playing and practising the Puppet Pals and Puppet Pals 2 apps.

We are looking forward to using our new skills to create our own puppet plays next week.

What will your story be about?

Who will your puppet characters be?

Creating an Online Identity


An AVATAR is an image which you can use to represent yourself online instead of using your photo. Often these characters are cartoon-like and have similar characteristics to the real person.  This becomes your online identity.

The Grade 3 and 4 students created their own avatars and uploaded them to Padlet.

Can you guess who made these avatars?

You can see all the children’s avatars on the following links.

Grade 3JS avatars       Grade 3KH avatars

Grade 4MA avatars    Grade 4MM avatars

If you want to make your own avatar, go to the Web Tools page on this blog and look for the Avatar links.

avatar mrsn

Do you know who this avatar represents?

Goodbye Miss Claire


Miss Claire and Lily love Mathematics

Today our much loved teacher Miss Claire and her daughter Cadhla (that’s not Cadhla in the photo) left St Robert’s to return to Ireland. By now parents, staff and students have said their good-byes and heaped their good wishes for the future on Miss Claire and Cadhla. Miss Claire put her own stamp on the school with her beautiful personality and the special love shown to all the children she taught.

One of the great contributions she made to the school was her amazing blog which she loved doing and obviously spent much time on. Have a look if you can. Especially check out the many subject pages (listed at the top of her blog page) which demonstrate the wonderful examples of  learning taking place in her grade.

Cand C