Creating online Jigsaw Puzzles

jigsawIt’s fun to take photos with friends. However Foundation, Grade 1 and Grade 2 children found it was even more fun to create and solve jigsaw puzzles with their photos.

Using the website Jigsaw Planet, they learned to upload a photo, select the shape and number of  jigsaw pieces and then assemble the pieces to solve the puzzle. As well as this, they could time themselves to see how long they took.

You can make your own too. Just click on the puzzle piece jigsaw 

Grade 1MC

Grade 1MC

Grade 0JP

Grade OJP

Grade 0cc

Grade OCC


 Grade 1YE

Hi from Jasmine

Recently two students from our school and their family left to work and attend school in Thailand. Today Jasmine left a comment on our blog and a new flag from Thailand appeared.



Here you can see that our blog’s Live Traffic Feed recorded Jasmine’s visit and the Flag Counter recorded the Thailand flag.

Jasmine1                 Jasmine



If you would like to respond to Bella or Jasmine you can either write a personal email to them or leave a comment below this post.

And the winners are . . .

The votes are counted . . .

The wait is over . . . 

We are excited to announce the winners of

our own St Robert’s Book Week Awards 2014.


Voted by children . . . for children’s books.

Thankyou for voting.

The official Children’s Book Council Awards have also been announced.

Picture Book of the Year

Winner:   Rules of Summer

Honour Books:   King Pig and Silver Buttons

Book of the Year – Early Childhood

Winner: The Swap

Honour Books:  I’m a Dirty Dinosaur and Banjo and Ruby Red


St Robert’s has Talent

microphoneThis popular event was held towards the end of last term.  It was great to see so many excited children rushing upstairs to the music room to sign up to display their talents. The auditions were held at lunchtimes and many enthusiastic children crammed into the room to support their friends and enjoy the fun.

Here we discovered many great talents – singers, dancers, children playing a variety of musical instruments, comedians and even a karate act. The finalists were selected and performed for the whole school along with some (ahem . . .) experienced celebrity judges.

Thanks to Miss Julie P for making this video showing short snippets of the Grand Final. The movie was originally published on the Prep Learning Community Blog.