Creating Padlets


This term Year 3 children have been working with an online web tool called ‘Padlet‘.

A Padlet is an online noticeboard that you can create to display information on any topic. You can brainstorm ideas, add images, weblinks, videos, audio and text.

For our Padlet projects, each student chose a topic to explore and then collected a variety of resources to add to their wall, such as pictures, videos, websites, quotes and other information.

It wasn’t just a matter of gathering resources – students needed to research and select material that was interesting, informative and contained appropriate content for the age level of their class.

Then we created a Class Padlet to display all our individual Padlets.

  1. If you click on the Padlet images below you will be able to interact with the great ideas each student presented.
  2. Next, to see each individual student’s work you will need to click on their blue URL (web address). 


3kh padlets


3kh padlet

Can you think of another way to use Padlet in the classroom?