Foundation 2015

It’s Fun to Read


All about meWhat do you look like? What is your pet? Which is your favourite toy? Where do you sleep?

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Lets have some Fun!

Today you have a choice of 4 activities. Just click on the links.

1. Watch Ormie the Pig

2. Play some Peppa Pig Games

Click HERE

peppa pig

3. Try some activities on

Click HERE


4. Stay on this page and play your favourite Book Week Games and Activities below

arrow yellow


Book Week 2015

Books light up our world


To find Book Week activities about these books go to this link

Mrs B’s Interactive Literacy and Mrs B’s 2015 Shortlist Activities

Extra Activities

Snail and Turtle are friends   Snail and Turtle are Friends Activities

colour snail  Colour the Snail    turltle  Colour the turtle

Watch the SNAIL Video


Watch the SEA TURTLE Video


 Watch the BOX TURTLE video


Go to Sleep Jessie   Go to Sleep Jessie!

    Counting Sheep    count sheep

Noni the Pony  Beach Game – Find the Differences

A House of her Own      Build a House of your own

  ‘The Best Treehouse Ever’ video

Scary Night  Scary Night Activities

   Make a Pumpkin

   Carve a Pumpkin







Watch the video – ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’


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storyline onlie

 Listen to stories read online by famous people.

Click here


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ROBOTS are Just Like Us  by Jamie McCarthy


Create your own ROBOT

make a robot

Make a Robot

robot maker

Robot Maker

robot name.

Make your own name Robot

More Robot Resources

robot resources

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The Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen

Read the story.


Activities – Solve the Jigsaw Puzzle

library lion

15 Pieces

library lion

24 Pieces

library lion

32 Pieces

Lion Games

Lion1    lion3    lion2

Lion Hunger    lion6    lkion5


*      *      *      *      

The Kiss that Missed   by David Melling


Click on the book.


Make a colourful dragon online.

paint a dragon

Click on the dragon

Try the Flappy Dragon game

Flappy dragon

Click on the dragon


*       *       *       *       

‘Harry the Dirty Dog’   by Gene Zion


Click on the book


Groom your Pet Dog

Groom your pet

Click on the picture

Find the Lost Puppy

lost dog

Click on the Picture

*        *        *        *        

It’s Easter!

Let’s read about Easter Eggs.

Inside an easter Egg

Watch the video HERE

Decorate your own Easter Eggs and hunt for more.

Easter Egg

Click on picture

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