Grade 1 2015

Make beliefs comix

We’re making some great Bullying/Cyberbullying comics with

Make Beliefs Comix.

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If you enjoyed our Story Jumper books on the Blog, you may wish to read more. Click on the links to the Grade 1 Class Collections below.

(Please remember that some children are still working on their stories.)

Class Collection: Grade 1YE  (Enter Password:  grade1ye)

Class Collection: Grade 1JB  (Enter Password:  grade1jb)


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clipbooks2          book_pages_turning




We’ve been busy creating


We used PowerPoint and Flipsnack to create our books and posted them on Padlet for you to enjoy.

Click on the LINKS or IMAGES to see our Flip Books.

Grade 1YE


 Grade 1JB



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Grade 1 children made some lovely collages using Be Funky to wish their mums a happy day.



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Anzac Day heading

 This year is the 100 Year Anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand soldiers at Anzac Cove.

Grade 1 children learned how to select some ANZAC images and create a collage using

 Be Funky Collage Maker.

Here are the completed collages.




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When you finish this activity you might like to create a collage on a different topic.

You can find  some great free animal pictures on this site.


Don’t forget to save them to your grade’s Pictures Folder first.

Then go to BE FUNKY to make your collage.

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