Grade 2 2015


Wee Mee      doppel me

There are some great AVATAR MAKERS on the Web Tools page of the blog HERE

When you have made an AVATAR you can upload it your class Padlet.

Grade 2KT Avatar Padlet

Grade 2CC Avatar Padlet 


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There are many ways to tell a story, have a conversation, tell a joke or communicate an idea. Creating a comic allows you to add captions + pictures to make it interesting.

Here are two websites to use for this task.


1. First you will need to find a good joke or riddle HERE.    Ducksters

2. Secondly you can add your joke or riddle to create a comic strip HERE.  makebeliefscomix

3. Finally, SAVE your comic by using the Snipping Tool.  SnippingTool



Knock Knock joke


You can see all Grade 2CC JOKES & COMICS HERE.

2CC comix

You can see all Grade 2KT JOKES & COMICS HERE.

2KT comix


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Here is a great site for finding information and pictures.

DK Find Out

In your classroom you have been learning about echidnas. To find out more about echidnas click on the link below.

Information about Echidnas

echidna photo

Save this image to your folder.

Read the information and label the parts of the echidna.

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