Grade 3 2015


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living volours


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GRADE 3NF – Add your Google slideshow to the Padlet link HERE

GRADE 3KH – Add your Google slideshow to the Padlet link HERE.

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connect four

Here is a great team quiz to revise keywords and guess the connections between them.

Try out some games

Game 1 – Connect the words

Game 2 – Movie Characters


1. First go to Google Classroom and collect your worksheet.

2. When you have completed your draft submit it for correction.

3. It will be returned and then you can create your Game.

4. You can make your own CONNECT FOURS game here.

4, Now add your game link to your class Padlet below and enjoy playing other students’ games.

 3nf   3kh

 4mm   4ma


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If you could choose a pet for your classroom what would it be?


Complete the survey on the link below.

Add the link of your completed Google Form to the Padlet page below.

Grade 3KH 2015

Grade 3NF 2015

Now use the Padlet page to have some fun and answer your classmates’ quizzes!

Write a sentence about your survey results.

 Grade 3KH

Grade 3NF

9 thoughts on “Grade 3 2015

  1. Dear Mrs N,

    You are a great I.C.T. teacher and you are helping me to do and learn new things so thank you.

    Love Tobey Massey

    • Hi Charlotte, Are you sure you look in Grade 3NF? I saw some of your work in there so perhaps you should look again and try to refresh your memory.

      • It’s great that you’re reflecting on the work you did last year. It refreshes your memory and gives you ideas to try again this year.

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