Our New ANZAC Memorial Garden

anzac garden

Our new ANZAC Memorial Garden

 For those who were able to attend last Friday’s ANZAC ceremony in front of our recently renovated memorial garden, you couldn’t help being moved by the reverence and respect shown by the children.

It was clear to me that the message of the day was completely understood. Not one of glorification of war but one of deep respect and appreciation of the sacrifices made in times of war and conflict.

It is a great great privilege and pleasure to live in this wonderful country and we are deeply indebted to those who fought and continue to fight for the freedom we hold so dearly.


Message from the Principal, Mark Soldani

ANZAC Centenary

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 When we think of ANZAC Day we think about the landing at Anzac Cove on 25 April 1915. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli in World War 1.

The brave soldiers who fought at Gallipoli demonstrated courage and endurance in the face of failure and despair. They had meant to land on a flat beach, but instead they had a tough and dangerous struggle to climb up the beach as the Turkish troops rained shells and gunfire down onto them from the top of the cliff.

The courageous spirit the soldiers demonstrated in the face of death has helped to shape our country.

Grade One students have been looking at images and discussing the meaning of ANZAC. They learned how to choose and upload images to the internet and create a collage onBe Funky’
Here are their completed collages.


+        +        +         +         +         +
Our whole school also commemorated ANZAC DAY with a special ceremony and placed poppies in a special ANZAC garden. Look for a post about this next week.


postcard heading

When you’re away from home, it’s fun to send POSTCARDS.

They’re quick to write, you don’t need an envelope, and they have pictures of the place you are visiting. Your friends love to get postcards too.

Grade 1 children have been learning to write a postcard to a friend telling them about a place they have visited. They have added their own short message, an image of the place they visited and a smaller image for a stamp.

Her are some completed examples of their work.

Where have you visited or been for a holiday that you thought was fun?

Write a comment on our blog and tell us a little about your visit or holiday.

Create an online Survey with Google Forms.


Year 3 & 4 students have been learning to create their own simple surveys using Google Forms.

Here’s an example:

class pets

There were lots of great ideas and everyone had fun sharing their forms and allowing their classmates to answer their surveys. This was made easier by having all class members add their quizzes to the class Padlet where everyone could access all surveys on the one page.

If you would like to fill in some surveys, visit the following pages.

Grade 4MM 2015

Grade 4MA 2015

Grade 3KH 2015

Grade 3NF 2015

After collecting responses, the students were able to analyse the results of their survey by checking out the spreadsheet provided by Google Forms.


 Can you see which animal was the most popular choice for a class pet?