1,2,3,4 . . . . Connect Fours


annabelle's game

 Everyone loves playing games, but when you can make your own games for everyone to play, it’s even more fun.

Grade 3 and 4 students created some great Connect Fours games. Just click on one of the class images below to play their games.


1. Simply click 4 connecting words to make a row.

2. Complete all the rows for 4 points,

3. Then collect bonus points for correctly guessing the CATEGORY for each row.

4. Try it yourself . . .it’s EASY and FUN!

 CONNECT FOURS      Click on each image below to play class games.

3nf       3kh

4mm       4ma

Just Joking


People love to tell jokes. It makes us smile and feel happy. Year 2KT and 2CC students recently combined joke telling with  comic strips (Make Beliefs Comix) to get their message across.

We hope you enjoy them.

NOTE: Click on the images below to enlarge, and scroll down the page to read each comic.

Grade 2KT

2kt padlet

Grade 2CC

2cc padlet

Happy Mother’s Day

mother quote

(Unkown author)

 It’s a very special  day on Sunday because we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Don’t forget to give your Mum an extra big hug and thank her for all the love she gives you and all the things she does for you.

Grade 1 children made some lovely collages to wish their mums a happy day.



Of course Kid President has advice for everyone .  .  .  even his mum.

‘An Open Letter to Moms from Kid President’

What have you got planned for your mum on Mother’s Day?

Our Families


Grade Two students 

learned to use a number of technology tools to help them represent the people who make up their families.

These tools included a Microsoft Word template, ABCYA Word Clouds, Microsoft Paint program and Scrap Colouring.

Check out some of their ideas.