Happy Mother’s Day

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 It’s a very special  day on Sunday because we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Don’t forget to give your Mum an extra big hug and thank her for all the love she gives you and all the things she does for you.

Grade 1 children made some lovely collages to wish their mums a happy day.



Of course Kid President has advice for everyone .  .  .  even his mum.

‘An Open Letter to Moms from Kid President’

What have you got planned for your mum on Mother’s Day?

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. I love Kid President! Thank you for preparing the special Mother’s Day tribute. I loved watching it.


    • Hi Aisha,
      Hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day. We all love Kid Preseident too. You should hear us all laughing at school.

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