Want Success? Well you have to work for it!


We all love to achieve success in what we do. We feel good in ourselves and proud when other people compliment us on our achievement.

But let’s look under the surface.


Success has to be earned, and you know that it can only can be achieved after lots of hard work.

For example that Grand Final you won, that trophy you were awarded, that beautiful drawing you did, that great project you got an A for –  were all achieved after lots of practice, perseverance, failures, dedication and a huge amount of effort. Maybe people don’t always see this part, but your success means even more if you have really worked hard for it.

(Thank you to Sylvia Duckworth for her great graphic illustration.)

Explainer Videos using Powtoon


We learned how to use PowToon to create a new type of animated video called an Explainer Video.

(Explainer videos are animated videos that explain what your product or service does and why people ought to buy it.)

Here are examples from each Senior class.

By Jack 5/6SP

By Savannah and Phoebe 5/6PB

By Claudia 5/6DB

By Rebecaa and Natasha 5/6LO

If you want to see more click on the Grade links below.

Grade 5/6SP

Grade 5/6PB

Grade 5/6DB

Grade 5/6LO