Grade 1JB are Head over Heels for Stories

head over heelsGrade 1JB  love Story Jumper too.

In fact, they’re head over heels about it!

Here are a few examples of their completed stories.

Book titled 'Will Whale's Adventures'
Book titled 'Bec the Fish'
Book titled 'Scarlet likes Cakes'

Story Jumper with Grade 1YE


Grade 1YE  children are jumping for joy over Story Jumper.

This term they have been exploring this web tool and practising their story writing skills.

Here are a few examples of their stories.

Book titled 'They Fell in Love'
Book titled 'Mr Pig Head'
Book titled 'Max the Alien and his Jelly Bean'

Al the Alien’s Cupcake Adventure

Do you love reading stories?

What about writing your own colourful, imaginative books?

The Grade One children at St Robert’s have been using a great website called Story Jumper 


Here’s one that Mrs Niewman wrote called

‘Al the Alien’s Cupcake Adventure”

Keep watching for more stories by the Grade One children when they are finished.