Skoolbo World Cup – C’mon Aussies

This week we are competing in the SKOOLBO World Cup

Aussie Cup

Australia vs New Zealand

Great Britain vs USA

From December 2nd to December 8th, thousands of children from across New Zealand, The United States, The United Kingdom, and Australia will compete to see who can answer the most literacy, numeracy and language questions on Skoolbo!

All the classes have been working very hard during ICT lessons to answer as many questions as possible. It was so exciting to see Australia moving to the front.

Come on St Robert’s students, let’s keep it up. – Help Team Aussie to become Skoolbo World Champions!

Log in and answer more questions HERE (or use the web app or iPad app)

Every question you answer correctly puts Australia one step closer to victory! You can do it at home or at school.

Check out the live results HERE

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