Grade 1 2016

Let’s Practise Our Typing

Jump Key

Grades 1 & Up

Dance Mat Typing    

Dance Mat Typing Level 1

Type Rocket


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Indonesian Inquiry Pre-Test

Living Things and their Habitats

Click HERE to complete the first test.

Click HERE to complete the second test.

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Learning to Code

Here are some coding apps you will find on your iPad. Select one of these apps and try the code.


Use your computer to try these programs on the web.


Lightbot                    Run Marco  

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Click on the picture below to go to the Robot Page

robot resources



1, Watch the videoBuild a Snowman’



2. Create your own Snowman here



3. Go to Pattern Blocks  

You will be given an animal picture made of shapes.

Now create the same animal using the shapes and colours in Pattern Blocks.

Here’s an example penguin1




4. Use the snipping tool to save a picture of your work. Save it to your school folder. eg. Save as/ Penguin

5. Create a new PowerPoint Presentation and name it Shapes and Patterns.

Choose a theme or decorate your Front page. Here is an example. 

Add the images you have saved to your slideshow.

PPT shapes

Here are some great Shapes and Patterns games to try on ABCya.

Now try making up some patterns of your own on Pattern Blocks

Here’s an example. What comes next?



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Try these Easter  Games and activities. Click on the image and choose.

easter games

Click on the picture to make an Easter egg

Easter Egg

Click on the picture to colour some Easter pictures

Easter Bunny Easter bunny1

Click on the picture to try the Easter Word Search

Easter word search



Let’s Practise Our Typing

Dance Mat Typing    

Dance Mat Typing Level 1

Type Rocket


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Let’s Write a Story

Click on the link      Story Maker

Now you can paint a PICTURE and write a STORY.


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Let’s catch the bus  to school and practise our mouse control on the way.

Click on the image below to play.

school bus