Grade 2 2016


Take the Challenge!

Program a ROBOT



Here are some coding apps you will find on your iPad. Select one of these apps and try the code.


Use your computer to try these programs on the web.


Lightbot                    Run Marco  

         *          *          *          *  

Try your skill on   

Tangrams – create pictures with shapes

Keyboard Invasion – Practise your typing skills



Zippy Boxes – Strategy Game

     *      *      *      *      *      *


Hunt for the Eggs (It gets tricky)

egg hunt

Click on the picture to make an Easter egg

Easter Egg

Click on the picture to try the Easter Word Search

Easter word search

Try these Easter activities – Spot the difference and others

easter games

Click on the picture to colour some Easter pictures

Easter Bunny Easter bunny1



*      *      *      *      *

Let’s Make an Avatar

Question? What is an Avatar?

Answer: A character which represents you on the internet.


Bitstrips Avatar Pam

Face your Manga

Face your manga

Now upload your Avatar to the Padlet link for your class below.

Grade 2KT

Grade 2CC


Now add your NEWSPAPER to these Padlets.

Read All About it! Grade 2CC

What’s in the News? Grade 2KT


*      *      *      *      *




Let’s catch the bus  to school and practise our mouse control on the way.

Click on the image below to play.

school bus