Grade 3 2016

Coding Apps

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Use your iPad to select one of these apps and try the code.


Or use your computer to try these programs on the web.


Run Marco                            Lightbot   

Grade 3JB Code

Grade 3NF Code  

Click on the Padlet below and add your own reflection about the Coding App or program you explored.



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QR heading


Create your own QR codes at QR Stuff

   Use the iPad App i-nigma to scan the codes and solve the ‘What am I?’ puzzles created by Grade 3 students  in the two Slideshows below.

 Grade 3JB

Grade 3NF

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When you have finished your Google Drawing cartoon  .  .  .  .

Use the Snipping Tool to capture an image of it.

Save to your folder.

Upload it to the Padlet link for your class below.

Grade 3JB

Grade 3NF