Making Interactive Images

To make an Interactive Image, Grade 4 students first inserted an image into Google Drawings. They then added small shapes to which they linked websites and videos to send the readers to discover further information about their image.

Click on the shapes in the images below to find out some interesting facts or view a video about the picture.

Code Club is Here!

have you heardcoding is fun


As well as learning ‘Coding’ (Computer Programming) during ICT lessons, we have also begun a CODE CLUB which meets every second Wednesday at lunchtime in the ICT room. (CODE CLUB is a worldwide network of coding clubs for children aged 9–11.)

At St Robert’s, we cater for beginners using iPad Apps right up to the more experienced students who are writing their own computer programs using ‘Scratch’.

What is Coding?

Coding is creating a set of instructions (or rules) that computers can understand and follow to complete a task. Another meaning for Coding is Computer Programming.

Here are some of our Code Club members learning to code.

image1 (1)