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Christmas Games

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 Halloween is a holiday celebrated in the U.S., Canada and the British Isles on October 31st where people dress in costumes and children go door to door asking for candy. An example of Halloween is when children dress as ghosts and witches and go to neighbor’s doors saying “Trick or treat!” (Dictionary definition)

Pumpkins are commonly carved into decorative lanterns called jack-o’-lanterns.

If you would like a bit of not-too-scary fun for Halloween, try these Halloween Games on




     Grades 2 & Up         

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It’s Fun to Read


All about me

What do you look like?

What is your pet?

Which is your favourite toy?

Where do you sleep?

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 glitter maker

Make a Magician

Label a Magician

Magic Hat Trick

Magic Shell Trick

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Click on the picture below to go to the Robot Page

robot resources


Control UNIT the Robot

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Image result for puppet pals 2 tutorialPuppet Pals 2 iPad App

Watch a video HERE

Image result for puppet pals 2

Puppet Pals iPad App

Watch a video HERE


Create an AVATAR instead of putting your photo on the internet.

Make a Face  HERE

Build your Wild Self HERE

Make a look-alike Face HERE


Harry the Dirty Dog

Use your Headphonesto listen to the story

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Choose a Jigsaw to do

HERE      or       HERE


Create a Magic Mirror Picture


Hey, that’s my Monster!

Use your Headphones to listen to the story

Click HERE

Make your own Monster HERE

Match the pairs in Monster Mansion Match HERE

Use your Headphones to listen to Hairy Maclary

(Click HERE to watch video)

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy

. . . or HERE to read the story

Then HERE to play some ‘Hairy Maclary’ Games

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Shapes And Patterns


Pattern Blocks


Moon Rock Patterns

Shape Patterns

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Click on the picture to make an Easter egg HERE

Easter Egg

Easter Egg Hunt. Find all the eggs – it’s tricky! HERE

Click on the picture to colour some Easter pictures HERE.

Easter Bunny Easter bunny1


 Do you know your SHAPES ?    

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Be an Artist

Colour, Paint and Draw

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Pancake Tuesday (Shrove Thursday)

Can you make pancakes like Daddy Pig?

Play the Pancake Game

Stack of Pancakes Online Colouring

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This is a Keyboard.

We can type numbers and letters with a keyboard.

 Practise with these Alphabet games.