Grade 3 2017

Your Digital Footprint

Be a GOOD Digital Citizen

What’s in your Digital Footprint?

Your Digital Footprint


Follow the Digital Trail

Netsafety: Digital Footprints

Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Go to your Login page and choose your name and secret picture

Grade 3JB

Grade 3NF


Coding with Scratch 2

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Click HERE to watch a brief introduction to Scratch.

Learn how to make Scratch Projects.

Getting started with Scratch – Watch me dance!

Happy Birthday!

Now you can learn to code your own ghost catching game.


WOW! Look at this!

Starry Spiral

Click HERE

Scratch 1 Projects

Scratch 2 Projects


Create a GAME in Scratch Junior

Game Ideas

Make a game that reads the word out loud when touched by the user

Shoot the ball in the hoop to score a goal.

Mini Golf – Hit the ball into the hole

Explode the object

Create a 

in Scratch Junior

Watch Examples –

Scratch Junior Halloween  Click HERE

Story in Scratch Junior  Click HERE

1. What will your story be about?  Make a plan.

2.Use speech bubbles, the microphone to record your voice or add sounds.

3.Make your story use more than one background.

4.Create a new Character/Sprite for your story OR change an original sprite. (see Halloween example)

Coding with Scratch Junior


Watch the video then try these Scratch Activities on your iPad.

(HINT: Read the instructions and follow directions carefully!)


Follow the directions to make each program 

*** Take a screenshot of your work at the end of each activity.***

Drive across the city

Run a Race


Moonrise after sunset

Spooky forest

Dribble a basketball

Dance Party

Meet and Greet


Simple Maze Activity

Challenge 1: Create your own drawing of a maze using the grid and drawing tools. Add sprites and houses.

Write code to get each sprite to the blue house.

Challenge 2 : Write a code to race the characters to the blue house. Which one will win?

Challenge 3: Create a new maze game with different sprites and race them to a different goal.

*      *      *

The Hare and the Tortoise

TASK : Create a Scratch Game about a race based on the story of Hare and the Tortoise.

What code pieces might you use to make the hare stop to rest? (Remember, he has to wake up and try to catch the tortoise)

You can choose different sprites to represent the hare and the tortoise.

Create a track or maze with a finish line.

Write your code then, test it and improve it or debug if necessary.

Extension Activity – Do you know how to make the race go through 2 backgrounds?

. *      *      *

Run Marco!

Click HERE

Grade 3nf        


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National Day of Action against Bullying

Here are Grade 3s  posters to support anti-bullying at St Robert’s.