Grade 5/6 2017

Hour of Code

This week, people around the world are celebrating learning to code by working on activities from the HOUR OF CODE

Mystery Island Coding Quest  (Easier)

Robot Islands  (Harder)

Go to your Login page and choose Course 3

Grade 5\6DB

Grade 5\6 LO

Grade 5\6 SP

Grade 5\6PB

Introducing Coding with Sphero Spark

and Sphero Spark +

Image result for sphero sprk plus

Just add imagination – Introducing SPRK+  (Video)

Sphero SPRK+ turns a roly-poly robot into an educational tool  (Video)

Program Sphero on the iPad with Tickle  (Video)

Google CS First

Click HERE

LOG IN Instructions HERE

Then go to

You will need headphones

1. Watch the video

2. At the end of the video follow the instructions below.

3.Choose a story starter by clicking a starter project link next to the video.

4.Click  Remix.

5.Sign in to Scratch with the information provided in your passport.

6.Start your first Storytelling project. (See examples of Remix for Story Starter)

Try these Scratch Projects created by Zara

Tennis for Two

Let’s Paint!

 SCRATCH Things to Try

Click HERE and select a Scratch Game to try

Create a GAME in Scratch

Remix a Scratch Project.

Use elements of the projects above to create your game.

Your game must add a score when a player is successful and subtract a score when the player is not.