Looking for Free Images to use in your Project?

It’s not OK to say “I found it on Google” when using images in your projects and everyday work.


It’s tempting to pick an image from Google but those images aren’t for the taking. Those images are just being displayed on Google. ‘Google’ does not own them. They belong to other people and using one without the owner’s permission is breaking Copyright law.

Note:  If you are searching Google for images, be sure to select only images that are labelled ‘FOR RE-USE’  (Images/Tools/Labelled for reuse)

Here are a few of my favourite sites for finding free to use pictures for your work.

Take your own photo


(Great idea! You own the copyright then)


Photos, illustrations, vector graphics, videos

CC Search 

Use this search engine to find images you can freely use and remix.

Photos for Class 

Creative Commons photos for school


Beautiful free high quality photos.


Free stock photos

Public Domain   

Free for private and commercial use

Clipart Library

Free clip art

Classroom Clipart   

Can be only be used by teachers and students for educational purposes.  Over 100,000 free clip art images, clipart, illustrations and photographs

* For more information about using Copyright free images, see the ‘Copyright’ page at the top of this blog.

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