Foundation 2018

Click on the chicken


Then try this

Let’s Practise for Grade One

You will need your headphones.

If you see this Flash sign

CLICK on it and then press ALLOW

letters & words 





christmas challenge


 During ICT, we are learning to create slideshows 

Here are some skills we are learning.
Creating new slides.
Selecting a design.
Adding text and changing the colour.
Inserting clip art.

Can you guess the answers to these What am I? slideshows?


If you have finished your work you can practise drawing and writing more ‘What am I?’ clues here.

Make a Magician

Label a Magician

Magic Hat Trick

Magic Shell Trick


Try drawing with a little bit of magic to help

Brushes Redux

Paint a picture and replay.

See your picture come to life

How do cartoon pictures move across the screen?


How can you make your pictures move across the screen?

Click HERE to make your own animation

Watch the Tutorial first


Click on the movie to watch

Click on the movie to watch

Can you draw your own animation?

Lets be Creative


Click HERE



Click HERE


Click HERE


Draw some     PIXEL     ART on Abcya 

Click HERE


Make a sand picture


Make a kaleidoscope


Make a colourful picture


Create a Dinosaur

Games to Try on

Magic Mirror Paint

Can you make a  panda with Magic Mirror Paint?

Harry the Dirty Dog

Use your Headphonesto listen to the story

1. Click HERE

2. Choose a Jigsaw to do

HERE      or       HERE


3. Draw your own ‘Harry’

4. Create a Magic Mirror Picture



Use your Headphones to listen to Hairy Maclary

(Click HERE to watch video)

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy

. . . or HERE to read the story

Then HERE to play some ‘Hairy Maclary’ Games



Click on the picture to make an Easter egg HERE

Easter Egg

Easter Egg Hunt. Find all the eggs – it’s tricky! HERE

Click on the picture to colour some Easter pictures HERE.

Easter Bunny Easter bunny1

Be an Artist

Colour, Paint and Draw

Click HERE


Learn the Alphabet Keys

Say the letters

Write your class name and password on the fridge

Trace the letters

Put the letters in order


1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10