Grade 1 2018

Christmas Tree Art Activity


Internet Safety

Do you know the Cyber – FIVE?

Click HERE to watch the video.

Then choose a Cyber Five Rule and make a comic about it.

Go to Make Beliefs Comix

Making Comics

Click HERE to make your own comic

Add your comic to your class Padlet

Grade 1YE Padlet

Grade 1KH Padlet

Make a Magician

Label a Magician

Magic Hat Trick

Magic Shell Trick


Try drawing with a little bit of magic to help

Brushes Redux

Paint a picture and replay.

See your picture come to life

Click HERE to see more iPad art by David Hockney

How do cartoon pictures move across the screen?


How can you make your pictures move across the screen?

Click HERE to make your own animation

Watch the Tutorial first


Click on the movie to watch

Click on the movie to watch

Lets be Creative

Draw some     PIXEL     ART on Abcya

Click HERE

Jigsaw Planet

Click on the image to try the jigsaw puzzle


1. Click CREATE 

2. Give your jigsaw a name (not your own name)

3. Select ‘Choose file‘ to upload a picture from your Class ‘Pictures’ folder.

4. Select the number of pieces and shapes

5. Click ‘Create’

6. Solve your puzzle     

7. Add your Jigsaw Puzzle link to SeeSaw and test that the puzzle works

Grade 1YE Jigsaws 2018   

Grade 1KH Jigsaws 2018

Grandparent’s Day in Grade 1 (2018)

Jigsaw Puzzles

Afternoon Tea   (30 pieces)

Tools for the Kitchen   (30 pieces)

Boys will be Boys  (30 pieces)

School’s in!    (30 pieces)

Ironing Ladies    (30 pieces)

Game of Marbles    (30 pieces)

Class Photo     (35 pieces)

Class Line Up    (30 pieces)

Hoops are Fun   (30 pieces)

Write and Draw   (30 pieces)

Breakfast Anyone?    (24 pieces)

Sewing with Singer    (24 pieces)

1KH Classroom    (35 pieces)

Click HERE

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Click on the picture. Hunt for the Eggs (It gets tricky)

Click on the picture to try the Easter Word Search

Click on the picture to make an Easter egg

Easter Egg

Try these Easter activities – Spot the difference

easter games

Click on the picture to try the Easter Crossword