Grade 2 2018

Lets be Creative

Draw some     PIXEL     ART on Abcya   

Click HERE

What is your Favourite . . . . .?

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to fill in the Google Form about Favourite Things.

My Three Wishes

If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?


Choose a partner to share and collaborate with on a slideshow

PERSON ONE creates and shares a blank slideshow with their partner.

     PERSON TWO locates this in ‘Shared with Me’ and moves it to their Google Drive

Work together to create a Google Slideshow using 4 slides.

Include all the skills you have learned about Google Slide tools in your slideshow.

For example – inserting photos, adding text, clip art, videos, drawings, headings, themes and links.

Slide 1: ‘My Three Wishes’ (Design title page together)

Slide 2: 1st person’s wish (1st person designs page alone)

Slide 3: 2nd person’s wish (2nd person designs page alone)

Slide 4: What you wish for together. eg personal versus community wishes

            (Collaborate and design a page together)

What did you learn about Bee-Bots?

What skills did you learn?

What was your favourite activity? 

How did Bee-Bots help you learn to code?

Use the PADLET to write your answers.

Grade 2NF

Grade 2CH


Click on the picture. Hunt for the Eggs

Click on the picture to try the Easter Crossword

Click on the picture to try the Easter Word Search

Click on the picture to make an Easter egg

Easter Egg

Try these Easter activities – Spot the difference and others

easter games