Grade 2 2018

It’s Computer Science Week

What is Coding?

Join in the world wide


Which project will you choose?

Get your Headphones ready

Candy Quest

Go on a quest for candy

Puppy Adventure

Pixel the puppy is lost! Use code to help Pixel get home by following the path and avoiding obstacles.

Pet Vet

A pet’s first check up can be fun!

Learn to Code at

Coder – Use the code above to write a set of instructions for your robot to follow

Robot – Follow the set of instructions in the correct order.

Now you can click on Course 1  link below to try the

Angry Birds Maze Activity 

Course 1

Did you manage that OK?

Then try these.

Learn about the Cyber Five

Click HERE to watch the video

After watching the movie discuss the rules and choose one rule that you want to record as a comic.

How could you show you understand what this rule is?

How can you teach other children your rule?

Example with 1 frame

Example with 2 frames

See your Google Classroom task to create a comic strip from a  riddle.

Select a joke or riddle from Ducksters

Hour of Code

Puppy Adventure

Pixel the puppy was enjoying a nice day out with his family, but they forgot to put him in the car and left without him! Can you program Pixel to find his way home? In each puzzle, you’ll navigate Pixel to avoid obstacles so he can get back home to his family.

Coding with Scratch Junior


1. Watch the video, then open the Scratch Junior App and explore its functions. What can you do?

NEXT . . . . . . . . . .

2. Try these Scratch Activities on your iPad.

NOTE: You will need to have both your computer screen and your iPad open in front of you.

(HINT: Read the instructions and follow directions carefully!)


Follow the directions to make each program 

*** Take a screenshot of your work at the end of each activity.***

Drive across the city

Run a Race


Moonrise after sunset

Spooky forest

Dribble a basketball

Dance Party

Meet and Greet


Simple Maze Activity

Challenge 1: Create your own drawing of a maze using the grid and drawing tools. Add sprites and houses.

Write code to get each sprite to the blue house.

Challenge 2 : Write a code to race the characters to the blue house. Which one will win?

Challenge 3:  Create a new maze game with different sprites and race them to a different goal.

    *     *     *     


1. Make a new CHARACTER or SPRITE.

Use your character in your next project


2.Create a new BACKGROUND in the edit section.

Use your background in your new project.


3.Can you make your story go through 2 or more  backgrounds?


4. Create sounds or use your microphone to record voices in your story.

Lets be Creative

Draw some     PIXEL     ART on Abcya   

Click HERE

What is your Favourite . . . . .?

Click HERE

to fill in the Google Form about Favourite Things.

My Three Wishes

If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?


Choose a partner to share and collaborate with on a slideshow

PERSON ONE creates and shares a blank slideshow with their partner.

     PERSON TWO locates this in ‘Shared with Me’ and moves it to their Google Drive

Work together to create a Google Slideshow using 4 slides.

Include all the skills you have learned about Google Slide tools in your slideshow.

For example – inserting photos, adding text, clip art, videos, drawings, headings, themes and links.

Slide 1: ‘My Three Wishes’ (Design title page together)

Slide 2: 1st person’s wish (1st person designs page alone)

Slide 3: 2nd person’s wish (2nd person designs page alone)

Slide 4: What you wish for together. eg personal versus community wishes

            (Collaborate and design a page together)

What did you learn about Bee-Bots?

What skills did you learn?

What was your favourite activity? 

How did Bee-Bots help you learn to code?

Use the PADLET to write your answers.

Grade 2NF

Grade 2CH


Click on the picture. Hunt for the Eggs

Click on the picture to try the Easter Crossword

Click on the picture to try the Easter Word Search

Click on the picture to make an Easter egg

Easter Egg

Try these Easter activities – Spot the difference and others

easter games