Grade 5/6 2018

Amazing Maze Challenges

Maze Challenge

  1. Use icy-pole sticks or masking tape to create a simple maze. Create a code to navigate your maze from start to finish.
  2. Change color and do a victory dance when you reach the end.
  3. Program the Sphero to say something at the end. – eg “Yes! I made it!”
  4. Put in some obstacles – you must navigate around these with the Sphero.


Put Sphero to work – Design and make a vehicle for your Sphero to drive (push or pull) around your space.

What factors affected the way your vehicle worked?

How did the vehicle affect your code? How did the surface affect your code?

Did you have to make adjustments? If so, what did you have to do to make it work better?

How can you make your vehicle turn on various angles?
Add some spoken commentary to your code.

Let’s   Code

Try one of these from the Hour of Code

Code with Scratch 2

Click HERE

1. Things to Try

Step by Step Tutorials

2. Starter Projects

Try out these starter projects from Scratch. Look inside to make changes and add your ideas. 

Animation Games Interactive Art Music and Dance Stories  Video Sensing

3. CREATE your own Scratch Project

Have a good idea? Try making your own project.

Introducing Sphero

Draw a Square with Sphero


Draw a coloured Star with Sphero

Create your own Clip Art

Stop and start the video while you learn

Use Shapes in PowerPoint or Google Slides

Making a simple Clip Art Face

How to Make Cute and Colorful Clip Art in PowerPoint

Creating Creatures

Creating Flowers with autoshapes

Create a Background with autoshapes

See some examples HERE


How Cybersafe are you?

Play the Safety Land Game

CLICK on the image to go to the site

You need headphones for this task.

Code Some Crazy Creatures

Click on the picture