Introducing Bee-Bots (1)

We made great use of our Bee-Bot loan from CSER Adelaide by introducing them to all of our students in the school during their Digital Technologies session this week. It was amazing to see the different ways that students interacted with them at each age level and how many of the children applied their knowledge of coding to create and solve problems, whilst the Preps discovered a whole lot of new thinking skills.

Session 1: What Did We Learn?
Working collaboratively with a partner, learning directions, angles, counting, estimating distance, problem solving, programming, debugging, creating a sequence of commands, safety and respect for equipment, use of space, learning to help each other, taking turns . . . .  A very exciting week!

A Box of Beebots!

A large, exciting box arrived at school this week!
The box came from the CSER (Computer Science Education Research) Digital Technologies Lending Library based at the University of Adelaide. Our request for a loan of Early Learning robotic devices was granted and delivered for our use for the whole of Term 1. These 12 little Beebots will make the learning and teaching of Digital Technologies and STEM projects so much more personal and effective. The children are really looking forward to learning to code and experience some great learning with our little robotic friends.

A BIG thanks to the CSER Lending Library!



Welcome Back to our Blog for 2018!

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We are starting off the year by creating an AVATAR for each person.

An avatar is an image that is used to represent a person in the virtual world of the Internet and computers.

Using an avatar instead of your actual photo allows you to help protect your identity when working on the internet.