Sphero STEM Challenge

Voyage of The First Fleet 

(Powered by Robots)

Learning about History with Robots? Combining our Past with our Future?

Last term, in their STEM Inquiry about the First Fleet, Year 4 students learnt about the historical significance of the voyage, investigated the Geography of the continents and mapping the world, designed, built and tested a sailing ship prototype and re-enacted their chosen ship’s journey to Australia using a robot to control and power it to its destination. (Digital Technologies)
The great benefit of the STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Maths) approach to learning gives students the opportunity to collaborate and work on a variety of challenging problems and projects.

Sphero STEM Challenge

We have been working on some Sphero Challenges in ICT. In this challenge we had to put Sphero to work.
Design and make a vehicle for your Sphero to drive (push or pull) around your space.

What factors affected the way your vehicle worked?

Did you have to make adjustments? If so, what did you have to do to make it work better?

How can you make your vehicle turn on various angles?
Add some spoken commentary to your code.

2 thoughts on “Sphero STEM Challenge

  1. As a Math teacher, I support this STEM effort wholeheartedly. We need to encourage students to pursue these fields as much as we can throughout society.

    • Thank you for sharing this great example of embedding coding, computational thinking,collaboration and problem solving into curricular content with your Learning about History project. Its a great way for students to share their learning.

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