Anti-Bullying Posters

Our Grade 3 children showed support for the National Day of Action against Bullying by creating anti-bullying messages. Here are some examples.

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Art Show

Hands up if you enjoyed the Art Show and all the festivities  . . .
Last week we held a stunning Art Show displaying our creative students’ work and (questionable) staff talents, student entertainers, brilliant face painting and hair coloring, melt in the mouth fairy floss, tasty popcorn, decorated icecream, hot coffee and donuts, a range of cakes and sweets, and of course the mandatory sausage in bread! Congratulations and thanks to all the organisers who put so much effort into planning and preparing the night and to everyone who donated their time or made contributions. And of course thanks to the St Robert’s community who made it such a well attended and special family fun night to remember. Families will now be able collect their children’s art and display them in their homes.

Open Morning

On Friday the children proudly presented their Inquiry projects to their families. There was such a range of ideas for investigation and presentation – from technology to construction and even cooking . . .

Well done everyone – your projects were beautifully displayed and you explained your learning so confidently and in such interesting ways.

St Robert’s Students, Teachers and Parents talk about the Fast Cars Project

Staff who participated in the Fast Cars Project this year explain their motivation for wanting to take part in the STEM project. Deakin University also describe their involvement in the project. 

Watch for Mrs B in this! Also Ruby, Tess and Seamus.

In this video, students give an overview of the elements that made up the Fast Cars project.  Look for Mimosa and parents Kathleen and Margot.

Fun at the Fete

A perfect Spring day and the sun shone warmly on the large crowd at the Derby Day fete. Father Dillon played his favourite Abba songs while the ‘Heavenly’ Hot Dog stall did a booming business and Mr. Sol’s coffee provided time for a relaxing break between snapping up bargains at the stalls, enjoying the rides or a wide variety of other activities on offer. Thanks to the enormous number of people and businesses in our 4 schools Parish Community who contributed in any way to help make this event so successful.

What did you enjoy doing at the fete?



Halloween is a holiday celebrated in the U.S., Canada and the British Isles on October 31st where people dress in costumes and children go door to door asking for candy. An example of Halloween is when children dress as ghosts and witches and go to neighbor’s doors saying “Trick or treat!” (Dictionary definition)

Pumpkins are commonly carved into decorative lanterns called jack-o’-lanterns.

If you would like a bit of non-scary fun for Halloween, try these Halloween Games on




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