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Check out the children’s great digital art! 

(Just click on their names)

                Adam                             Ally                              Archer                                  Boston                
Chris Georgia Gus Hamish
Harry Henri Holly Isabella
Jagger  Jaziah John Lachlan
Luke Maggie Maia Meg C
Meg L  Miller Monteya Summer
Tara Thomas Zara

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 During ICT, we’ve been learning to create Powerpoint as a presentation tool.

Here are some skills we have learned.
Creating new slides.
Selecting a design.
Adding text and changing the colour.
Using transitions.
Inserting clip art.

 Here are our  ‘What am I?’ presentations for you to view.

Can you guess the answers?

 What am I? by FCC from St Roberts


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 After reading a story about Aliens, Foundation children used the website below to create their own aliens.

Click on image

Then they wondered, What do Aliens eat?

Click to Play 

Watch our movie to see what the children thought Aliens might like to eat.

By Foundation CC 


What do YOU think Aliens like to eat?

Leave a comment and tell us your ideas.



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Here are our pictures we made in ICT for our mums .

We typed our sentences by ourselves then printed our pictures and coloured them in.

We hope you like them.

(Hint: The movie will play better if you allow it to play through once first)

(This version of the movie is mobile friendly and can also be viewed on your iPhone and iPad but cannot be viewed full screen on this page)

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