Foundation JP 2014



Foundation students combined their Alphabet knowledge with their PowerPoint skills to create some amazing online Alphabet Books to read.

The children thought of something that started with each letter of the alphabet and searched for a clip art picture to represent it. They then had to save the picture and resize and reposition the picture on their slide, as well as typing the letter and the word to card

When the children completed their work, Mrs Niewman uploaded them to Snacktools. The URL for each slideshow was then converted to a QR code and sent home in Christmas cards the children made for parents to scan and read online.

If you click on a child’s name you should be able to read their book as soon as it has loaded.

Xavier C  Xavier B  Ted Sebastian
Sara Ollie Molly Lucas
Jakob Evelyn Dante Chloe
Billy Silas Jayde Liam
Hannah Lyle Maggie Lachlan
Cooper Charlie Archie H Amelia
Amelie Alice Archie K


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