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Check out the children’s great digital art! 

(Just click on their names)

Ben  Cate  Charlotte  Christopher
Coby Daniel Emily Hailey
Isabelle James Joseph Joshua
Kai Klara Lily Lucas
Malakai Mikayla Ollie Paris
Sam Scarlett Wil Xavier S
Xavier W Zoe

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 During ICT, we’ve been learning to create Powerpoint as a presentation tool.

Here are some skills we have learned.
Creating new slides.
Selecting a design.
Adding text and changing the colour.
Using transitions.
Inserting clip art.

 Here are our  FJP ‘What am I?’ presentations for you to view.

Can you guess the answers?



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 After reading a story about Aliens, children used the website below to create their own aliens.

Click on image

Then they wondered, What do Aliens eat?

Watch our movie to see what the children thought Aliens might like to eat.

By Foundation JP 

What do YOU think Aliens like to eat?

Leave a comment and tell us your ideas.


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We made these pictures in ICT for our mums.
First we had to learn how to open our folder. Then we had to open a document (page).
We tried hard to type the letters in a sentence.
Mrs N took our photos and put all our work in a video.
We hope you enjoy it.

(HINT – the video may play better if you play it through once first)

(This version of the movie is mobile friendly and can also be viewed on your iPhone and iPad but cannot be viewed full screen on this page)

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