Grade 1YE

We hope you like the Grade 1YE shape pictures. 

We created all the objects in our pictures by inserting shapes from Microsoft Word.

The children have been working hard to get their pictures finished and presented on the blog.

31 thoughts on “Grade 1YE

    • Thanks for putting your first comment on the blog Ben. I hope there will be lots more things for you to enjoy and that you will add more comments too.

  1. Finally got around to seeing your work. Well done! I can see you are learning more and more each day. Congratulations! well done Mrs N and Ms Erwin. Keep up the great work kids.

  2. Hey Mrs N thank you for putting my comment on the blog. I love all the things that you do for us. Love Ben xxx OOO

    • Thanks Tobey, but I won’t be in next week as I am unwell. Keep doing your best and keep listening well as you always do. When I’m back we’ll start some new work.

    • Hi Lulu,
      We’ll have ‘show off’ day as soon as I come back to school. I also can’t wait to see what everyone has done. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten.

    • Hi Tobey,
      I think everyone did a great job of presenting their work and explaining the skills they had learned. They were very interesting and fun to watch. Well done for working so hard Grade 1.

    • Hi Tobey,
      I agree. Harry the Dirty Dog is a great story even though it was written quite a long time ago. I’m pleased that you’ve been using Storyline Online. There are some excellent stories to read there.

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