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During the week Charlotte made a special lunchtime visit to the ICT room to create a special story for her mother.

By Charlotte 2LO

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Here are some of the skills we learned.

*  How to to find and save animations.
*  How to insert animations into a powerpoint slideshow.
*  How to add call outs and insert text into them.
*  How to add backgrounds or clip art.

We had great fun learning how to create our jokes.

Enjoy our ‘Animated Jokes’ movie.

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After reading the wonderful story NOT A BOX’ by Antoinette Portis, Grade 2LO showed how imaginative they could be with a box.

The children created their pictures using Microsoft Drawing tools on a Word document and then saved them as pictures.

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Here are some websites for your computer task.

Your Task is to:

Create a power point slide using 2 animated characters which are telling a joke or riddle to each other.

  1. First select a joke and copy it on to a word document. (Try to copy correct spelling)
  2. Next you will need to save 2  animated characters to your ICT folder.
  3. Finally , insert text callouts from Shapes and add your sentences to these – one for the question, one for the answer.
  4. You could add  a background or clip art to decorate if you wish.

You can find some Kids’ Jokes here –

You can find Animations here –  

computer joke

4 thoughts on “Grade 2LO

  1. Dear Ms.Niewman wolf, sheep and cabbage is actually a bit hard and the wolf sound scares me a little bit.

    • Hello Tobey,
      Good on you for trying the puzzle. We all found it hard. Some people worked it out but they were a little older that you. Sorry the wolf scared you. You’d better turn the volume down next time.

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