Grade 3JS

Do you know how to stay safe on the internet?

Here are some great ideas shared by Grade 3JS on

Make Beliefs Comix.

(You can read them better if you press the full screen button)

 To see the full 26 slides click HERE


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We have been working hard writing PERSUASIVE ARGUMENTS and making them into animated movies.  We made them on 
We hope you enjoy them!

Please CLICK ON THE TITLE  LINK  (not the picture) to play the movie.




1.  Everyone should learn to swim 

By Stella and Amanda
By Georgia and Lucinda
By James and Sully
By Maya and Sophie
By Jasper and Finn
By Sam and Jude
By Remy
By Elle and Evie
Jessica and Abbey
By Viktoriah

11.  Should mobile phones be allowed at school? 


By Emily
By Flynn and Osca
By Bridget and Milla
By Maddie and Harriet
15.  KFC or Subway   

By Brandon and Jonas

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For  being  fantastic  Grade  3 JS Students!
Take a look inside our flip book to see the skills we learned when we made our Wanted Posters.

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In ICT we’ve been learning to use all the functions of Microsoft Word. We’ve learned many new skills and a few little ‘tricks’ as well.
Our favourite activity was creating a picture using shapes and clip art.
Park your car in the Drive In Theatre and watch the slideshow with us.

11 thoughts on “Grade 3JS

  1. hi everyone!!!!!!!!!
    I love the new blog,I got a good score on the animals olympics
    game!I saw some new flags.It is great to have a blog.I was wonder if we could have are own blog!

    • Hi Lucinda,
      You are very clever to get a good score on the Olympic Diving game. I’m still finding it hard, but I have fun on it. Glad you like the blog. Hopefully you will have your own blog one day but perhaps not this year. We will do lots of great things though.

  2. Hi Everyone

    I can’t believe that we have had over 1000 visitors!!

    Why am I the only one who leaves a reply?

    I am ready for Thursday : )

  3. Hello everybody. I always come last on the animal olympics game. I am looking forword to ICT. You are very nice Mrs N. I really like ICT. Have you got better at the animal olympic game Mrs N. The blog is very good.

  4. Hi Mrs N, there are lots of awesome things on the school blog and on 1ye’s school blog. I think they have worked very hard.

  5. Hello Mrs N I’ve had a go at the penguin olympics game. I was not very good at it and there are more cool things on the school blog.

    • Hi Sophie. Thanks for your comments.Yes, I found the Penguin Olympics game hard too, so I put on a new game where you have to kick a soccer goal. I’m a bit better at that. Have you had a try at the soccer game yet?

      • Thanks Amanda, you are so kind, but I can’t wait to get back to school after my illness. I have missed you kids and all we do in ICT so much. I hope you will show me what you have done in my absence.

  6. I missed you so so so so much and I hoped you got better and recovered soon. It was great to see your face back at school but the good thing is that you are all better.

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