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Do you know how to stay safe on the internet?

Here are some great ideas shared by Grade 3KH on

Make Beliefs Comix.

(You can read them better if you press the full screen button)

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We’ve been working hard writing PERSUASIVE ARGUMENTS  and making them into animated movies.  We made them on 

We hope you enjoy them.



Please CLICK ON THE TITLE  LINK  (not the picture) to play the movie.

 1.  Should people be allowed to keep wild animals    

By Zara and Alice

2.  Are video games bad for children?


By Finn and Tom

3.  Food is better than drink

By Archie L and Seamus

4.  Animals should be in zoos


by Indigo and Laura

5.  The missile is better option than the grenade 

By Archie S

6.  iPhone fives are better than Samsungs


By Lulu and Grace

7.  Should bunnies be kept in cages?


By Abbey and Jessica

8.  Killing animals is cruel


By Nathan and Aydan

9.  Helicopters are better than boats!


By Marcus and Charlie

10.  Elephants are better than giraffes 

By Julia and Bella

11.  Fake grass is better than normal grass 

By Lucy and Mimosa

12.  Chocolate is better than potato chips 

By Noah and Casey

13.  Should girls be allowed to play boys’ sport ?  

By Yanah and Bonnie

14.  Flying is better than eating brains  

By Seamus and Archie



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For  being  fantastic  Grade  3 KH Students!

That’s right! We’re fantasticcharmingpolite, smartfriendlyhelpful etc. etc.

Take a look inside our flip book to see the skills we learned when we made our Wanted Posters.

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In ICT we learned to make pictures using Microsoft Word.

As we learned more skills, we got better and better.

Maybe next time we have a project to do in class, we could make our own pictures instead of using Google images.

What do you think?


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