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Glogster is a website where you can create your own interactive digital posters. You can include all sorts of media such as images, clip art, videos, audio, text and links to make your poster much more exciting than a cardboard poster.

To see more information about the task visit the blog post here.

Click on the images below to open and interact with each Glog.

alex zebras

Zebras by Alex

budgies heather

Budgies by Heather

butterflies thomas

Butterflies by Thomas

butterflies will

Butterflies by Will

byron fox

Fox by Byron

cheetah xaviert

Cheetah by Xavier T

claudia fish

Fish by Claudia

German Shepherds Matthew

German Shepherds by Matthew

dolphins tilly

Dolphins by Tilly

eastern water dragon connor

Eastern Water Dragon by Connor

dolphins indi

Dolphins by Indi

elephant lachlan

Elephant by Lachlan

giraffes lizzie

Giraffes by Lizzie

elephant sophie

Elephant by Sophie

ella fairy penguins

Fairy Penguins by Ella

gorillas xavierm

Gorillas by Xavier M


Gorillas by Paddy

horses petra

Horses by Petra

isobel dolphins

Dolphins by Isobel

lions joseph

Lions by Joseph

monarchbutterfly lucy

Monarch Butterfly by Lucy

rats savannah

Rats by Savannah

scarlett sea turtles

Sea Turtles by Scarlett

snakes natasha

Snakes by Natasha

maltese shitzu alexandra

Maltese Shitzus by Alexandra


*      *      *      *      *      *


We’ve been working hard writing PERSUASIVE ARGUMENTS  and making them into animated movies.  We made them on 

We hope you enjoy them.




Please CLICK ON THE TITLE LINK  (not the picture) to play the movie.



1. Should kids bring their iPods to school? 

By Connor

2.  We should keep wild animals as pets


By Isobel and Scarlett

3.  Should people be able to get jobs at age 14?

By Indi

4.  Should students have mobile phones at school?  

By Natasha and Petra

5.  Chocolate is better than potato chips


By Ella and Lizzie

6.  Sport is better than computer game


By Joseph A and Thomas B

7.  Chocolate is better than potato chips


By Paddy and Alex

8.  Chickens Are Better Than Cats! 

By Heather and Savannah

9.  Students should have mobile phones at school


By Will H and Matthew

10.  Should students wear school uniforms?


By Matilda and Lucy

11.  Should people be allowed to keep wild animals? 

By Claudia and Sophie

12.  Basketball is better than Netball 

By Alexandra

13.  Exercise is better than playing video games.


By Xavier T and Byron

14.  Should you bring phones to school? 

By Xavier M and Lachlan



*      *      *      *      *      *  


Are you WANTED?

Grade 4MA children are definitely not wanted for anything bad, but they are wanted for the wonderful people they are and all the great qualities they possess.  (completed work only)

Some of the SKILLS they tried were – creating backgrounds, inserting photos and frames, creating headings and adding text.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *
Using your IMAGINATION is fun!
When we had to create a picture out of shapes, at first we just experimented with different ideas. This is a good idea. You learn lots of new skills this way.
Then, as we got better at it, we created more detailed pictures with the ideas we had in our heads. Some people added some clip art – we were supposed to add fewer that 5 images but a few people got a bit carried away.
One skill we learned was how to remove the background from the object in the picture. It makes your picture look more realistic.


Pull up a seat and watch the big screen TV with us.


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