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Glogster is a website where you can create your own interactive digital posters. You can include all sorts of media such as images, clip art, videos, audio, text and links to make your poster much more exciting than a cardboard poster.

To see more information about the task visit the blog post here.

Click on the images below to open and interact with each Glog.

alex rabbits

Rabbits by Alex

ashlyn clownfish

Clownfish by Ashlyn

belle pandas

Pandas by Belle

dolphins scarlett h

Dolphins by Scarlett H

Dominic dinosaurs

Dinosaurs by Dominic

Ellie dolphins

Dolphins by Ellie

emily horses

Horses by Emily

freyja cats

Cats by Freyja

grace dolphins

Dolphins by Grace

harry elephants

Elephants by Harry

icelandic ponies rosie

Icelandic Ponies by Rosie

jack wolf

Wolf by Jack

James giraffe

Giraffe by James

josh tiger

Tiger by Josh

meg pandas

Pandas by Meg

Michael tortoise

Tortoise by Michael

milla elephants

Elephants by Milla

millie platypus

Platypus by Millie

ollieb polar bears

Polar Bears by Ollie B

ollie s cheetah

Cheetah by Ollie S

phoebe black swans

Black Swans by Phoebe

rebecca mice

Mice by Rebecca

sebastian snake

Snake by Sebastian

sophia blue tongues

Blue Tongues by Sophia

william dogs

Dogs by William


*      *      *      *      *      *

We’ve been creating animated movies from our Persuasive Texts. We made them on

Why don’t you check them out . 



 Please CLICK ON THE TITLE LINK  (not the picture) to play the movie.


By Belle and Millie

2. Should all weapons be banned from the public?    


By Josh and Ellie

3. Is short hair better than long hair?   

By Scarlett H and Milla L



By Will B and Alex B

5. Microsoft is better than Apple   


By James A and Oliver B

6. Birds are better pets than cats

By Ashlyn and Sophia

7. Is football better than cricket? 


By Harry and Olly

8. Should kids be able to have laptops at school? 


By Sebastian and Jack

9.  Sleepovers are better than playdates   


By Rosie and Phoebe

10.  School hours are way too long! 


By Dominic

11.  Dogs should wear leads 


By Grace and Michael

12.  Are dogs better pets than cats? 


By Freyja and Rebecca

13.  Should children bring their own i pad to school? 


By Meg and Emily

*      *      *      *      *      * 

Are you WANTED?

Grade 4MM children are definitely not wanted for anything bad, but they are wanted for the wonderful people they are and all the great qualities they possess.  (completed work only)   

 Some of the SKILLS they tried were – creating backgrounds, inserting photos and frames, creating headings and adding text.


*     *      *      *      *      *      *      *

Every Picture Tells a Story.

The children of Grade 4MM have used their imagination to create ‘picture stories’ from shapes and clip art.

One very important skill they learned, was how to use the ‘Wrap’ tool. This is the tool which enables you to position your shapes and pictures behind or in front of others. This allows your objects to look more natural and positions them in a 3 dimensional way.

Look carefully at the pictures created by 4 MM students.

Can you interpret the story in their pictures?

(Press the Pause button if you need more time on each picture)

 The following slideshow is compatible with your iPad or iPhone or you can view it by clicking on this link.  

View on iPad or iPhone

9 thoughts on “Grade 4MM

  1. Wow 4mm! You have been keeping a secret from me…I didn’t know there was a section just for you lovely people in Mrs N’s blog.
    I had fun trying to match you with the pictures shown. My only prediction would be that Rosie or Phoebe completed the ‘horses’ one.
    Keep up the great work – Ms Monea

    • Hi Ms Monea,
      Thanks for putting a comment on the blog. The Grade 4 children have been working on some exciting projects in ICT and we will soon have some more work on the blog for you to see. Keep watching . . .

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