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iPad Survey Grade 6

Create an Opinion Poll using Google Forms and enter the link to your live form on the Padlet below.

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What can you do with a picture?

There are many tools on your own computer that you may never have discovered.
Check out some examples of the amazing effects Grade 6DB have come up with using a range of Microsoft Tools.

Try it for yourself.

Select an image (Check usage rights if from web)

Try out all the Microsoft Picture Tools to create some amazing effects.


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What can you make from a box?

After reading the wonderful story, ‘NOT A BOX’ by Antoinette Portis, Grade 5SP showed how imaginative they could be with a box.

Students created their pictures using Microsoft Drawing tools on a Word document and then saved them as pictures. 


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Please complete your Term 1 ICT Reflection on the form below and then click SUBMIT.

Term 1 Reflection Grade 6DB

3 thoughts on “Grade 6DB

  1. Hi everybody, it’s Jasmine.
    I arrived in Thailand safely and moved into a new place near
    the beach. It is very hot here at the moment. I went to the
    zoo and went around in a golf cart buggy.
    Yesterday I went to Bangkok. The traffic is really crazy.
    How is everything in Australia?
    Miss you all. Talk soon.

    Jasmine 🙂

    • Hi Jasmine and hi to Bella too,
      It’s so exciting to hear from you and find out what you are doing. I hope you’re enjoying the heat because we are really feeling the cold here at the moment. This week is Book Week and everyone is excited about dressing up as their favourite book character and also going to the Book Fair. The grade 4, 5 and 6 students all created Google Apps accounts this week and are all doing well on it. I saw you had been on the blog on the Live Traffic Feed and also because of the new Thaliand flag. I will put a post on the blog to show your friends your comment so look for the blog post ‘Hi from Jasmine’
      Hopefully some people will write a comment back to you.

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